MastaFix20 Cornice Cement

MastaFix20 is a versatile 3-in-1 cement with a setting time of 20 minutes. Ideal for patching and fixing cornice, MastaFix20 also performs well as a bedding cement ideal for small jobs, such as maintenance and prepaint repairs.

Mixes easily by hand to a creamy gauge and has good body with fast and strong grab. Partially set product can be reworked and used again to deliver a polished finish for mitres. Easy to straight stop and clean. MastaFix20 has an even and gradual 20 minute set that can be accelerated to as little as 5 minutes by extended mixing.

PlastaMasta Southern Sydney - A supplier of Siniat Products

Product Description

  • Chemical setting
  • For patching, cornice and jointing
  • Sets quickly
  • Easy to work with
  • Available in a 10kg bag

Additional Information

Weight N/A


Unit Size

10kg Bag