MastaLine ‘Box Ready’ Plaster Compound

MastaLine Box Ready Joint Compound is a thinned down premixed all purpose compound that can be applied with automatic tools immediately from the bucket – no mixing required. It can be used interchangeably with standard mastaline whenever automatic tools such as a box or taping tool are used.

MastaLine Box Ready can be used with the appropriate automatic tool for 1st, 2nd and 3rd coats, internal and external corners, and screw heads.

PlastaMasta Southern Sydney - A supplier of Siniat Products

Product Features

  • Air drying compound.
  • All purpose.
  • Thinned down for premium performance in flat finishing boxes.
  • Light colour when applied, drying to a white finish.
  • Convenient drying time to obtain thin edges when feathering as it does not dry out too fast.
  • Can be sanded by hand or by electric sanders. Leaves a professional finish.
  • Low VOC and non-hazardous (according to Safe Work Australia criteria).
  • Available in a 20.0kg, pre-mixed bucket.

Additional Information

Weight 20 kg


Unit Size

20kg Bucket


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