X-BLOCK® Plasterboard

GIB X-BLOCK® system is a unique lead-free plasterboard and jointing compound designed for X-ray radiation protection. The lead-free plasterboard contains barium sulphate which forms an effective barrier against X-ray radiation. The jointing compound used on the GIB X-Block plasterboard is designed to give lead equivalent joints on walls and ceilings and it provides a uniform X-ray radiation barrier.

The GIB X-Block system also offers high sound insulation performance.
WaterShield has been independently certified by Global GreenTag to GreenRate Level A, recognised by the GBCA for Materials and VOC credits and by the NZGBC.

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Product Description

  • Lead-free X-ray radiation protection
  • As easy to install and joint as standard plasterboard
  • Eliminates the need for complex installation procedures usually associated with installing lead-based lining solutions
  • Enhances other important performance requirements such as noise control and fire ratings

Additional Information

Dimensions N/A




Sheet Size

1200mm x 3000mm


Radiation Protection