90º External Slimline Corner Bead

Trim-Tex Slimline is a 90º corner bead with a low profile build and 32mm mud legs. The beads unique design reduces compound usage while guaranteeing a sharp finish. The reduced build size makes Trim-Tex Slimline perfect for areas where skirting boards are to be installed, creating a square professional appearance. The low profile finish reduces the need for patching behind the skirting.

Trim-Tex Drywall Solutions - A PlastaMasta Southern Sydney Brand

Product Description

  • Made of impact resistant rigid vinyl
  • Low profile build and 32mm mud legs
  • Reduces compound usage
  • Reduces skirting deflection, less need for patching
  • Designed for sharper corners and square sets
  • Slimline corner beads incorporate all the features that have helped to make Trim-Tex the popular solution to problems encountered when using traditional materials and the perfect choice in coastal regions
  • Available in 2400mm & 3000mm lengths
  • Made in the USA

Additional Information

Dimensions N/A
Trim Length

2400mm, 3000mm




Trim-Tex Square Finish Corner Beads Installation Guide